Start a Writing For Peace Chapter in Your Area

We are so excited and honored to have communities across the country who are committed to promoting empathy and peace through creative writing. Peace takes on many different meanings, be it food and water access, affordable housing, gender equality, anti-racism, and much more. Peace should be global, but it does not have to take on a singular definition to be attainable. In order to show how varied these meanings of peace can be, we are introducing regional Writing For Peace chapters to showcase how different communities from all over the country dedicate themselves to peace, and how creative writing and education serve as tools for peace and activism at large.

Regional Writing For Peace Chapters will allow for community members to determine the most pressing issues at hand within those regions, to have access to the creative outlet that communicates those issues, and then via multiple forms of communication, drawing on the skills of writer-members, to share those regional issues with a larger community that fosters and speaks on solidarity. We want to provide awareness, foster education, and commit ourselves to peaceful action.

While we act on behalf of the Writing For Peace nonprofit at large, regional chapters for Writing For Peace are ultimately autonomous entities. We are excited to see how this project grows and explores different meanings of and activism toward peace and the various ways we can achieve such a goal through creative writing as a tool for activism.

If you are interested in beginning a regional chapter, we have a few suggestions that might help you get started:

Reach Out: Each regional chapter would be responsible for deciding what issues around peace are the most pressing or necessary within a community, and how that chapter can best serve those needs. Activism is a project of coalition building, and communities already have many resources and organizations that are dedicated to attaining peace. We encourage you to reach out to existing networks of activists and writers and research what work is already being done within your region, and where a Writing for Peace chapter can join in on the work.

Maintain A Web Presence: Writing For Peace chapters will be responsible for creating and maintaining a chapter website. We have no preference on web platform, but we prefer website that have forum capabilities so members and communities at large can stay in communication and continue dialogues on peace and activist writing. We ask that each chapter post weekly web content that is member-generated.

Create A Project: Each Writing For Peace chapter will be responsible for at least one community project annually in order to maintain status as a regional chapter. Any member can make a proposal, using the project proposal template we have provided. Each chapter is responsible for determining the needs of their region and projects that will best meet those needs, and for their own fundraising and financial management.

Have Meetings: You can meet online, or in person, but at least once a month, we ask that you gather with your writer-members to discuss regional projects, online content, and whatever else your chapter puts on your agenda. Meeting procedures should follow the Formal Consensus model, and be nonhierarchical in its organization. “I am you and you are me and we are all together!”

Contact the national organization of Writing for Peace to connect you with a Regional Liaison to help you get started in your region.


Please Note: Personal Liability Statement:

Chapters of Writing for Peace are committed to nonviolent, peaceful activism, and social justice advancement through empathy. Each chapter member, in any capacity connected with a regional chapter of Writing for Peace, will act in alignment with these principles. In making decisions concerning their own personal activism, members shall recognize that those are their own, and shall release Writing for Peace, at both the national and regional level, from any liability in case of injury or arrest.