Resource: Richmond Young Writers!

Looking for something awesome for kids to do? Check out Richmond Young Writers! 

Richmond Young Writers is a creative writing incubator for ages 9-17. We write, we read, we laugh, we cry, we get messy, we polish things up, we bond. We make each other better.

RYW offers once-a-week fall and winter/spring after-school workshops in fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, journalism, comics, and other topics.

In the summer, we offer 18 different week-long creative writing camps, complete with amazing guest author appearances, snacks, deep thoughts, wordy goodness and a new crew of crazy writer friends.


Richmond Young Writers was founded in the summer of 2009 at Chop Suey Books with the intention of introducing young people to the joy of creative writing through workshops taught by professional writers in the community. Our workshops are now held right down the street at 2707 West Cary Street.

Full and partial scholarships are offered in each workshop to ensure that all students have the opportunity to participate in our programs.

We have had the pleasure of writing with young people ages 8-17 from Richmond, Henrico, Glen Allen, Ashland, Chesterfield, Midlothian, Montpelier, Powhatan, Moseley, Mechanicsville, Afton, Rockville, Gloucester, Charlottesville and more.

Learn More Here

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Winter Warmth Drive Extended Until Friday, February 9, 2018 in Farmville, VA!

Thanks to the generosity of the Farmville community, and of Navona Hart and her staff at Real Living Cornerstone Realty, we're extending the collection for the Winter Warmth Drive!

We'll continue collecting until noon Friday, February 9, 2018.

Still Needed: 
New or gently used coats (especially for kids), hats, gloves, scarves, blankets, sleeping bags

Bring your donations to one of the following collection locations:

Grainger 112, Longwood University, 201 High Street, Farmville VA 23909
Real Living Cornerstone Realty, 238 North Main Street, Farmville, VA 23901

winter warmth drive meme.jpg

Last Day of Our Winter Warmth Drive! Please Donate!

So cold outside, and folks in our community still need your help. 

Our Winter Warmth Drive ends today! 

Still Needed: 
New or gently used coats (especially for kids), hats, gloves, scarves, blankets, sleeping bags

Bring your donations to one of the following collection locations:

In Farmville:
Grainger 112, Longwood University, 201 High Street, Farmville VA 23909
Real Living Cornerstone Realty, 238 North Main Street, Farmville, VA 23901

In Richmond:
Tarrant’s Café, 1 West Broad St., Richmond, VA 23220
Tricycle Gardens, 2314 Jefferson Ave, Richmond, VA 23223

Please share widely. Thanks!

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IMPORTANT RESOURCE: Free Immigration Screening Clinic, Feb 17, 2018, Richmond VA

What does DACA mean to you? The end of TPS for Salvadorans and Haitians? New immigration policies?

Free Immigration Screening Clinic
Saturday, Feb 17, 1-5pm
Sacred Heart Center
1400 Perry St, Richmond VA


For more information,

call 804-230-4399 or 804-643 -1086


¿Qué te significa DACA? ¿Nuevas políticas de inmigración? 

Consultas gratis acerca de la inmigración
Sábado, 17 de febrero, 1-5 pm
Sacred Heart Center
1400 Perry St, RIchmond VA

Patrocinado por Legal Aid Justice Center, VICPP Central VA Sanctuary Network, & Sacred Heart

Sponsored by the Legal Aid Justice Center, VICPP Central VA Sanctuary Network, & Sacred Heart Center

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WINTER WARMTH DRIVE CONTINUES! Donations Needed in Central Virginia

They're calling for snow in Central Virginia again this week. The cold's going to last for a while. And your community needs your help. 

We'll be collecting until February 5th!

Still Needed: 

New or gently used coats (especially for kids)

Hats, gloves, scarves, blankets, sleeping bags

From January 22nd to February 5th, bring your donations to one of the following collection locations:

In Farmville:
Grainger 112, Longwood University, 201 High Street, Farmville VA 23909
Real Living Cornerstone Realty, 238 North Main Street, Farmville, VA 23901

In Richmond:
Tarrant’s Café, 1 West Broad St., Richmond, VA 23220
Tricycle Gardens, 2314 Jefferson Ave, Richmond, VA 23223

Please share widely. Thanks!

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AMAZING RESOURCE FOR EDUCATORS: "Starting at the Margins: An Invitation to Writing Our Civic Futures" (from Educator Innovator)

"We invite educators to a year of social reading, collaborative web annotation, and public conversation that explores our civic imaginations and literacy landscapes. As civic engagement changes and evolves, Writing Our Civic Futures will discuss and consider implications for connected learning and teaching...

In this collaboration, we partner with—and draw texts from—a range of educators, youth, scholars, media makers and journalists to think about the landscape of civic engagement and education while imagining ways that we can engage ourselves and our students as writers and makers of our civic futures. This project leverages the web annotation platform, adding multiple voices to critical conversations about equity and education...."

How it works:

  • Writing Our Civic Futures will kick off the first week of October 2017 and runs through May 2018. See the Writing Our Civic Futures Syllabus for details!
  • The first week of each month a new reading will be posted on the syllabus as a live annotatable link for sharing and social annotation.
  • Related events happening that month will also be announced. CLTV broadcasts will be aired at; follow @innovates_ed and #marginalsyllabus (on Twitter) to keep abreast of these opportunities.
  • We encourage your participation in the week-long annotation of each text, though readings will remain online throughout for annotation and discussion.
  • We encourage you to use these readings and the opportunity to annotate however it best works for you—organize a study group, bring a class you are teaching, engage as an individual, connect it to a meeting....."

Explore This Amazing Resource Here


Volunteers & Donations Needed! Madeline's House Domestic Violence Shelter, Central Virginia

Madeline’s House is a non-profit organization, providing comprehensive services for individuals and families experiencing domestic and sexual abuse.

We receive and are dependent upon support from local sources: civic groups, religious groups, businesses, private citizens and grants. Income is also generated through various community fundraising events.

Southside Center for Violence Prevention, Inc. was established in 1999 in response to the cries of persons who experience domestic and sexual violence, and their primary need for immediate help and safety by:

  • Providing temporary housing

  • Empowering clients and residents to become survivors

  • Assisting them in regaining control of their lives through a wide range of appropriate services, and

  • Supporting these individuals in ending their experience of violence and homelessness through client advocacy, counseling, and community support systems.

Public awareness is the key to changing long term attitudes about domestic violence (DV) and sexual assault (SA). Finding a safe haven from this abuse is an immediate and life saving concern. Madeline’s House has been established in response to the cry of DV and SA victim’s immediate need for help and safety.

It is our intent to inspire these women and children to become survivors and assist them in regaining control of their lives. In addition to the wide range of services we provide, our goal is to help them restore their self-esteem. Counseling, therapy, and a supportive family environment within the shelter help to rebuild the independence necessary for reentering the community to live a safe and productive new life.

If You Need Help, Call : 1-888-819-2926


Learn More About Madeline's House Here


How You Can Help

Volunteer Or Donate



OPPORTUNITY! Richmond! Apply for Tricycle Garden's Urban AG Certificate And Fellowship Program

Application deadline January 26, 2018.

If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed; if in terms of ten years, plant trees; if in terms of 100 years, teach the people.

Thanks to Chapter Member Jason Tsai for passing this on.

Jason writes: Application deadline has been extended to this Friday! I count my fellowship time as one of the most significant formative experiences thus far in my life. Not to mention the lifelong friends and skills I gained along the way. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to chat with you!

Tricycle’s Urban Agriculture Fellowship and Certificate program is the first program of its kind designed in partnership with the USDA- Natural Resources Conservation Service. Urban Ag fellows dig in with Tricycle staff, subject matter experts from USDA, VA Tech, Rodale Institute, Roots of Success, Small Business Association and others for an 11-month term that provides formal instruction and hands-on experiences grounded in the business of sustainable urban agriculture.

An innovative approach to learning the business and practice of Urban Agriculture

  • Earn a Certificate in Urban Agriculture – recognized by USDA/NRCS

  • Gain experiences in Sustainable Agriculture Skills and Practices on Urban Farm Sites

  • Community engagement and food systems experience through Tricycle’s Mission Programs

  • Networking with Local Farmers, Food System Leaders, & Subject Matter Experts

  • Classroom Instruction- Workshops- Renowned Speakers

  • Business planning and development





Fighting Addiction in Hampton Roads: Where to Go for Recovery by Chad MacDonald

Opioid and heroin deaths have been rising for the past two years.Since 2015, Hampton Roads has seen a nine-percent overdose increase, a trend that doesn’t seem to be settling in the latter end of 2017. 850 such deaths happen annually now, with Portsmouth carrying the brunt of the load. Newport News itself has had an increase with homelessness, and an industrial explosion in drug abuse, following the April shipyard layoff. It’s no surprise that drug abuse, and homelessness piggy back off each other in a collapsing military industrial economy.

As recently as last Christmas, drug dealer Terry Glen Williams was busted by DEA agents in Newport News for maintaining prostitutes’ heroin addictions, using them to expand his business to other clientele, and prolonging their addictions to keep them as a commodity. If you live in the 757, none of this is shocking or new.

These daunting economic circumstances and rising deaths create a grim and bitter outcome for anyone coastal trying to overcome these hardships.


But there is hope, and there are opportunities.


Where to Find Help with Addiction in Tidewater Virginia

Better Substance Abuse Rehab

BSAR is willing to give free consultation, and a step by step walkthrough for a sit down intervention. Interventions, in no way, shape, or form, the same as rehabilitation. It’s not even the first step towards recovery; it is however opening a gateway to a loved one in need, and reminding them that they are part of a concerned community that loves them enough to sit them down in the first place. Environments stimulate addiction more so than the actual chemicals themselves. Sometimes, a reminder to someone that they’re surrounded by people that can be trusted and reached out to, can change a life or death situation. BSAR can consult and walkthrough a proper intervention with concerned friends and family members.

Phone: (757) 216-1595



Right Path: Recover Your Future

Right Path understands addictions from an addict’s perspective, blatantly stating that addiction is not a choice, but a disease to be dealt with. A series of environmental factors in need of changing. Right Path also accepts VA Medicare, making them a more accessible program for those financially suffering in the economic environment that contributed towards their addiction. VA Medicare, in most cases, will cover the entirety of the recovery process, ranging from meeting with a counselor, to the medication itself. There is no shame in financial help along the way.

Phone: (Accessed through local Department of Social Services)

Norfolk: (757) 664-6000

Virginia Beach: (757) 385-3200

Chesapeake: (757) 382-2000

Suffolk: (757) 514-7450

Richmond: (804) 646-7000

Newport News: (757) 926-6300

Hampton: (757) 727-1800



The Healing Place of Hampton Roads

The Healing Place is a non-profit, non-medical recovery and rehabilitation district for the homeless, with a twelve step program that leads into permanent housing. They are a product of the 2009 Hampton Roads Regional Task Force To End Homelessness. The Place has received multiple accolades for the programs it runs, including Model that Works by the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services. They also have a volunteer program for those that are looking to make a positive impact on their community, and do their part to end the epidemic. The entirety of this process is free for those signing themselves up for it.

Phone: 757- 217-0408


The issue that permeates Hampton Roads is not the economic conditions that create homelessness. It’s not the homelessness that creates addiction; it’s the apathy and loathsome reaction that 757ers have towards those less privileged.

If at least a tenth of our community could actively care about those starving and freezing in the streets, recovery rates would skyrocket, the rising tide of overdoses could possibly be overturned.

Until this happens, volunteer, donate, share, and let someone in need know that they’re loved. They could be one less body, one less death. 



Chad MacDonald, a member of the Central Virginia Chapter of Writing for Peace, is currently a student of West Virginia Wesleyan's MFA program. He graduated from Longwood University with a degree in English/Creative Writing, and is a contributor to 5 to 1 Magazine, Calamus Press, and Word Gatherings. 



Winter Warmth Drive Begins Today! In Farmville & Richmond! Donations Needed!

We have at least a couple more months of cold weather, and our communities need our help.

Needed: New or gently used coats, hats, gloves, scarves, blankets, sleeping bags

From January 22nd to February 5th, bring your donations to one of the following collection locations:

In Farmville:
Grainger 112, Longwood University, 201 High Street, Farmville VA 23909


Real Living Cornerstone Realty,  238 North Main Street, Farmville, VA 23901

In Richmond:

Tarrant’s Café, 1 West Broad St., Richmond, VA 23220


Tricycle Gardens, 2314 Jefferson Ave, Richmond, VA 23223

Please share widely. Thanks! 

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EVENT: "After the March RVA: Activism Convening" Hosted by Richmond Peace Education Center, Feb 24, 2018

Details from the Richmond Peace Education Center Facebook Page

After the March: Activism Convening Free & Open to the Public

What is it?

Timed approximately one year after the Trump inauguration, the After the March RVA Activism Convening is an effort by the Richmond Peace Education Center to bring together those that are and want to participate in work aimed at achieving equality. The convening will feature workshops, community conversations, and movement building/networking time. The registration below holds more information about the workshops and conversations.

When is it? And Where?

Saturday, February 24th, 2018 at Diversity Richmond (1407 Sherwood Ave) from 12pm to 5:30pm.

It is free and open to the public. However, we are asking you to please register.

Who is it for?

Everyone! Anyone who is (or has) been doing work to better the community and those who are looking to get involved in creating change have a place here.

What will I get out of this?

We hope that you leave After the March with a new or deepened network of folks to work in movement with and with new or deepened "real life" skills. In addition, some of the workshops at After the March will continue to be offered by the Peace Center throughout 2018. The intention behind After the March is to be engaged in the long-term, so this is not a one & done convening.

Childcare and Transportation Assistance Also Available

Read More Details Here

or Have other questions? Email our advocacy coordinator, Jelani at


About the Richmond Peace Education Center

The Richmond Peace Education Center (RPEC) works to build just, inclusive and nonviolent communities through education and action.


convening rpec .jpg

Winter Warmth Drive! Donations Needed in Richmond VA

Heads Up, #RVA!, Richmond area peeps!, please share!

Our Winter Warmth Drive is what we're calling a mirror event, with the Central Virginia Chapter of Writing for Peace organizing similar projects across our home region.

Coats, Hats, Gloves, Socks, Blankets, Sleeping Bags!

We'll be collecting these much needed items from January 22, 2018-February 5, 2018.

Thanks to the generous and compassionate people of RVA Hospitality and Tricycle Gardens, we are collecting warm clothing and winter gear to help our homeless and in-need community members get through this snow and cold weather with a bit more comfort.

From January 22nd to February 5th, bring your donations to one of our two collection locations:

Tarrant’s Café
1 West Broad St.
Richmond, VA 23220

Tricycle Gardens
2314 Jefferson Ave.
Richmond, VA 23223

All collected items will be distributed to local in-need families and homeless community members.

Please bring any items you can to one of the collection locations and encourage your friends and family to do so as well.

We can all make a difference.

If you have any questions, please email


winter warmth drive meme.jpg

Winter Warmth Drive! Donations Needed in Farmville & Prince Edward County!

So cold outside, and we have months before the warm weather returns. And we have brothers & sisters right here where we live who are struggling with this cold weather! Please help!

Feel free to copy and use this text on your own social media. Get the word out!


Coats, Hats, Gloves, Socks, Blankets, Sleeping Bags!

The Central Virginia Chapter of Writing for Peace, with the generous help of Navona Hart and the staff of Real Living Cornerstone Real Estate, will be collecting warm winter gear for those in need in our community.

We'll be collecting these much needed items from January 22, 2018-February 5, 2018.


New or gently used coats

Warm socks




Sleeping bags

Drop by or send your donations to one of the following two collection sites:

c/o Mary Carroll-Hackett, Grainger 112, Longwood University, 201 High St, Farmville VA 23909

(Collection boxes will be set up outside my office, so drop off anytime, if you're on campus.)


c/o Navona Hart, Real Living Cornerstone, 238 North Main Street,Farmville, VA 23901

All items collected will go to benefit those in need right here in Prince Edward County, to be distributed through the community outreach programs of the Prince Edward County Islamic Center, thanks to Ty Carter and Kalimah Patricia Carter.

Please send any questions to

Please share and please donate.


winter warmth drive meme.jpg

GOOD READ: Your Turn: 4 Things You Can Do to Honor Martin Luther King in 2018 by Carlos Galindo-Elvira (from The Arizona Republic via ADL)

(From ADL--This article originally appeared in The Arizona Republic)

"As we head toward another day of remembering Dr. King, his own words are most suited for the moment: “We cannot walk alone. And as we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead.”

4 tangible things you can do

"King's work is far from over. Here are things to do in 2018:

1. Work in a bipartisan effort with state legislators to codify a standalone criminal provision for hate crimes. The law should be more inclusive and comprehensive, covering hate crimes based on race, religion, ethnicity and national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and disability......

2. Support a clean Dream Act – one that gives “dreamers” a path to citizenshipwithout other stipulations attached, such as border-wall funding. It's a moral imperative.....

3. Ask Congress to support the full restoration of the Voting Rights Act.....

4. Shrink the space for extremists to grow and thrive......"


Learn more about the Anti-Defamation League Here



Food Donations Needed: Halifax Dog Squad, South Boston VA

Halifax Dog Squad just rescued 17 puppies! Their kennels are full and their pantry is almost empty. 

They need food donations.

Visit their Facebook page for more information, directions, or to make Paypal donations or  Email Here

Thanks to Chapter member Amanda Baker, for passing this on.

About the Halifax Dog Squad: Located Halifax County, VA USA. Rescue dogs & puppies secure permanent adoptive homes; Spay/Neuter/Heart Worm Prevention. Supported totally by donations.

halifax dog squad.jpg

RESOURCE: Free Clinic of Central Virginia, Lynchburg

The Free Clinic of Central Virginia envisions a community where everyone has access to quality healthcare services. The mission of the Free Clinic of Central Virginia is to provide high‐quality medical, dental, pharmacy and health education services to those in Central Virginia who do not have the resources to obtain these basic healthcare services. We are able to do our work because of generous volunteers who give of their time to help improve the health of our community.

Contact Info

Free Clinic of Central Virginia, 1016 Main Street, Lynchburg, VA 24504

Phone: 434-847-5866 • Fax: 434-528-2529 • E-mail:


 Monday, Wednesday and Friday — 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Tuesday and Thursday — 8:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Closed every afternoon from 1-2 p.m. for lunch.

Become a Patient

Free Clinic of Central Virginia provides expert care with superior treatment results to patients at all points in their care from diagnosis to treatment and ongoing wellness.

Make An Appointment


Ways You Can Support the Free Clinic of Central Virginia


Volunteers keep the “FREE” in The Free Clinic. Volunteer support keeps costs low, enabling us to provide quality medical, dental and behavioral health care for those who might otherwise go without care. More Here


Your gift will help provide medical, dental and behavioral health services in our community. Our work is only possible with generous support from those who share our commitment to making health care available to all. Donate Here



VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Henrico County Seeking Advocates for Children--CASA Program

WANTED: Mature, responsible adults with a profound sense of caring for children.

SKILLS NEEDED: Willing to study laws, regulations, child development, interviewing and report writing techniques. Requires listening, writing and computer skills, and the ability to work with other professionals.

APPLY TODAY: To volunteer your time for a child, please complete our CASA volunteer application. 


Getting started: Prospective volunteers can obtain an application by clicking here or by sending an email request to Jeannine Panzera, the Program Manager, at  Applicants must complete an interview and undergo finger printing, criminal, and child abuse registry checks.

Training: Volunteers attend at least 40 hours of pre-service training which is scheduled in the evenings after work hours and on Saturdays. The trainees learn about the court process, the social service system, child development and educational advocacy, domestic violence, substance abuse and the special needs of children who have been abused and neglected. At "graduation," CASAs become sworn in as officers of the court. As many children are waiting, new volunteers are likely to be assigned a case very quickly.

Time: Typically, a CASA Volunteer spends several hours a month on a case. Volunteers will complete home visits, follow up with case collaterals, write a report to the judge and attend court.  The CASA's time commitment is dictated by the complexity of their assigned case. Volunteers are asked to commit at least one year, but many stay longer, knowing it is best for the child to stay with the case until it is fully resolved.

Support: CASA volunteers work closely with social workers, attorneys, treatment providers, and others involved in helping children. Each volunteer is guided and assisted through the complexities and challenges of his or her case by a member of the Henrico CASA staff.



VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: HomewardVA, Serving Richmond's Homeless People, Needs Volunteers for Their January Point-In-Time Count

Homeward is the planning and coordinating organization for homeless services in the greater Richmond region, and they need your help! 

January Point-In-Time Count in RVA

"Understanding what regional data says about individuals and families experiencing homelessness is critical in building an effective community-wide response. For this reason, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires communities to conduct periodic counts of people experiencing homelessness. This data is compiled both locally and nationally to inform programs, planning, and funding. Homeward has coordinated Greater Richmond's Point-in-Time (PIT) count since 1999, and since 2007, has conducted both a summer and a winter count to better understand the changing nature of homelessness over time."



Our volunteers will survey individuals:

  • at emergency shelters on January 24th

  • in early AM and afternoon street outreach on Jan. 25

  • St. Paul's Episcopal Church's lunch program on Jan. 25

  • First Baptist Church's dinner program on Jan. 25

  • In PM street outreach on Jan. 25

Training sessions will be held in advance. 



At the event, we will offer those experiencing homelessness care packages which contain lotion, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, deodorant, hand sanitizer, combs, brushes, socks, scarves and hats. 



homeless rva.jpg

GOOD READ: "10 Ways Youth Can Engage in Activism" from the ADL's Anti-Bias Education Resources

Never underestimate how powerful you are, how crucial your role in creating change, how integral your beautiful spirits to making the world better for everyone.

from the ADL's Anti-Bias Education Resources:

"Our country has a long history of youth-led movements that brought about significant social change. Young people have advocated for child labor laws, voting rights, civil rights, school desegregation, immigration reform and LGBT rights. Through their actions, the world has changed. Because young people often have the desire, energy and idealism to do something about the injustice they see in the world, they are powerful agents for change....

1. Educate others

2. Advocate for legislation

3. Run for office

4. Demonstrate

5. Create a public awareness campaign that includes social media

6. Do a survey about the issue and share the results

7. Raise money

8. Write a letter to a company

9. Engage in community service

10. Get the press involved