GOOD READ: "Why Online Activism Is Important For Social Justice" by Sareeta Lopez (from The Wanderer)

"Why is online activism important? For one, the internet has completely changed the way people communicate. It is now a legitimate place to do something meaningful. Discussing social justice issues online is a valid form of communication through which we can learn to be better activists. Engaging on online forums, blogs, and other websites educates others AND yourself. Just because the medium may not be a printed magazine or a university stage does not make it worthless, especially now that our world is increasingly online. It is true that online activism may sometimes do more harm than good: with so much information out there, it’s common to find false information. While this is a flaw, we must be able to think critically about what we find on the internet...

"The fact that people are talking online means that dialogue is happening: something every social justice movement needs...."

"...Social media has given us an amazing tool: a way to connect with like-minded online activists, and community is one of the most important things for any activism. The most fantastic result is that online activism only helps offline activism. The number of offline conversations I’ve had around social justice issues, whether feminism or something else altogether, has definitely increased since I started sharing my blog with people I know in real life. People in my offline life have reached out to me because of my online activism, sharing very personal stories about their struggles and telling me that they are inspired to do things offline too. When someone shares with me, I know I’ve made a difference...."




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