VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Henrico County Seeking Advocates for Children--CASA Program

WANTED: Mature, responsible adults with a profound sense of caring for children.

SKILLS NEEDED: Willing to study laws, regulations, child development, interviewing and report writing techniques. Requires listening, writing and computer skills, and the ability to work with other professionals.

APPLY TODAY: To volunteer your time for a child, please complete our CASA volunteer application. 


Getting started: Prospective volunteers can obtain an application by clicking here or by sending an email request to Jeannine Panzera, the Program Manager, at pan01@henrico.us.  Applicants must complete an interview and undergo finger printing, criminal, and child abuse registry checks.

Training: Volunteers attend at least 40 hours of pre-service training which is scheduled in the evenings after work hours and on Saturdays. The trainees learn about the court process, the social service system, child development and educational advocacy, domestic violence, substance abuse and the special needs of children who have been abused and neglected. At "graduation," CASAs become sworn in as officers of the court. As many children are waiting, new volunteers are likely to be assigned a case very quickly.

Time: Typically, a CASA Volunteer spends several hours a month on a case. Volunteers will complete home visits, follow up with case collaterals, write a report to the judge and attend court.  The CASA's time commitment is dictated by the complexity of their assigned case. Volunteers are asked to commit at least one year, but many stay longer, knowing it is best for the child to stay with the case until it is fully resolved.

Support: CASA volunteers work closely with social workers, attorneys, treatment providers, and others involved in helping children. Each volunteer is guided and assisted through the complexities and challenges of his or her case by a member of the Henrico CASA staff.