Who We Are & Why We Care: WFP Member Profile: Semein Washington

Hello! I am Semein Washington, a poet from Portsmouth, Va and member of the Central Virginia Chapter of Writing for Peace.

Growing up in the military and industrial metro area of Hampton Roads and finding my roots in the backwoods of Emporia, Va and Ahoskie, NC, I've been fascinated by the differences in humanity as they present themselves both around and inside me. This led to undergraduate study of Anthropology and a continuing graduate study of writing, in which I find fine and intuitive expressions of human nature. 

My poetry seeks to explore the wide range of human activity and the universe in which we live. A large part of that human activity is how we relate to and comfort one another. I see the effort to help people as an end to the understanding of humanity. 

I am involved with Writing for Peace because I believe that writing grants natural access into human experience and can, within itself, help a person if only by assuring them that they are not alone. Writing can also bring notice to those times when people need material help or the added weight of wider public opinion. Through Writing for Peace, I want to see words bridge gaps of both emotion and opportunity.