The Central Virginia Chapter of Writing for Peace is a nonhierarchical, collaborative collective, made up of writers and supporters of the arts, dedicated to representing and promoting the mission of Writing for Peace: promoting empathy and peaceful activism through Creative Writing, in our own communities.

Having a regional focus empowers us, as community members, to determine the most pressing issues at hand within our home regions, to have access to the creative outlet that communicates those issues, and then via multiple forms of communication, to draw on the skills of writer-members, in order to share and address those regional issues with a larger community that fosters and speaks on solidarity. The Central Virginia Chapter is made up solely of volunteers, writers of all ilk, not privileging any group, type of writer or voice over others,

Given the grassroots orientation of Writing for Peace, it's important to us as a chapter to acknowledge players who are already in the field, serving in our communities. We seek to form local and community partnerships, serving, where we can, existing organizations within the chapter's region, standing as bodies and hearts in service to other community organizations whose missions, goals, and tactics, align with those of the chapter and Writing for Peace.

The Central Virginia Chapter of Writing for Peace is committed to nonviolent, peaceful activism, and social justice advancement through empathy. Each chapter member, in any capacity connected with a regional chapter of Writing for Peace, is required and committed to acting in alignment with these principles.

We are a regional collective, seeking to offer and to use the talents, experience, and energy of the member writers in direct service to lifting the voices of our region.

Our Writing for Peace Chapter goals are threefold:

  • Awareness: Opening and broadening the definition of what peace means, and bringing our community into that conversation

  • Education: Providing a toolbox and open writers' network for the ongoing process of learning and expanding awareness about peaceful activism

  • Action: Taking that education and awareness as tools to enrich and empower our communities, addressing local concerns, and serving as community partners and advocates

Chapter projects and events, as well as the partnerships we form, are all small but important steps we can take, walking us forward, and we hope you'll join us as we work together toward a more peaceful and empathetic world.